When we decided to launch I.T.T.A (ALCCI) to sensitize businesses and the public sector on the damages caused by this scourge, only a few international bodies had addressed it, like the World Customs Organisation, the O.E.C.D, the World Economic Forum in Davos, Interpol and Europol. In France, governmental authorities have not yet recognised this subject fully and enterprises are still in a reactive stance regarding it. The situation has somewhat changed lately. Studies have eased the understanding of the threat, entailing that people who have to know about it to act are alarmed. It is only a fledgling movement that I.T.T.A wants to bolster so that Illicit Trade be reined in, In France as abroad. Alain Juillet, Hervé Pierre, Dominique Lapprand

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    L’ALCCI a rassemblé ici les principaux documents de référence relatif au commerce illicite. Certains sont des études publiées par des organisations internationales, d’autres sont des ouvrages académiques que le lecteur voudra bien se procurer par lui-même conformément à la réglementation relative aux droits d’auteur.