After almost a 15 years growth the faces a second revolution due to the development of mobile devices, social media and purchase applications. Therefore we no longer speak of but of

Technology projects the sale offer to the consumer at each step of his/her daily life. When in an aggressive sale process the vendor constantly questions the potential buyer each free time can become a sale opportunity. There is no more need to sit in front of a PC at home. Three minutes waiting at a queue could initiate a sale sequence on a mobile.

According to the French federation of e trade and distance sales (FEVAD) almost 30% of e sales are now stepping from mobiles. This figure is on a quick increase trend.

Illicit vendors have well understood that. Using social media or de deploying applications on their own websites they offer their products on the mobiles of potential buyers. They offer these ones a very convenient e.purchase tool. They transform e.illicit trade and made it even more attractive when compared to street or under the counter sales.