When we decided to launch I.T.T.A (ALCCI) to sensitize businesses and the public sector on the damages caused by this scourge, only a few international bodies had addressed it, like the World Customs Organisation, the O.E.C.D, the World Economic Forum in Davos, Interpol and Europol. In France, governmental authorities have not yet recognised this subject fully and enterprises are still in a reactive stance regarding it. The situation has somewhat changed lately. Studies have eased the understanding of the threat, entailing that people who have to know about it to act are alarmed. It is only a fledgling movement that I.T.T.A wants to bolster so that Illicit Trade be reined in, In France as abroad. Alain Juillet, Hervé Pierre, Dominique Lapprand

Welcome to the Illicit Trade Tackling Association, I.T.T.A (ALCCI in French, Association de Lutte Contre le Commerce Illicite)

The Illicit Trade Tackling Association targets sustaining the fight against all forms of public illicit trade of goods in violation of laws and regulation, be it on hygiene, public health, security or safety, or social/natural environment. Illicit Trade also regards stolen goods, counterfeits, contraband, frauds or products sold or bought in contradiction of legal/commercial usage.

According to its by-laws, I.T.T.A is open to all businesses concerned by illicit trade and to professional associations addressing this issue. Individuals can also adhere as full members provided they have shown their commitment and expertise in this domain one way or another. Finally, public sector agents from departments involved in this topic can be admitted as “associated members”.

I.T.T.A intends to be a meeting place for all its members, an observatory on the subject, a reliable source of information and a laboratory to explore and assess all possible instruments able to tackle illicit trade.

I.T.T.A therefore aims at helping businesses and their associates by offering them a comprehensive and transverse approach on illicit trade. For so doing, it will broadly use its extended network, domestically and abroad (institutions, professional groups, universities, governmental organisations and NGO’s, various think tanks). Its vocation is also representing its members near international bodies to insert itself in the dynamic momentum taking place on this topic.

Through meetings, studies and information sharing, it will allow a mutualisation and coordination of needed action to combat illicit trade.

Alain JUILLET, I.T.T.A President

Hervé PIERRE, I.T.T.A Vice-President

Dominique LAPPRAND, General Director

Alain JUILLET – Executive President of ITTA/ ALCCI

Alain Juillet is Past President of the CDSE, the French leading club for Corporate Chief Security Officers in France. He is also the French Business Intelligence National Academy President.

He is past President of R&D at Pernod Ricard; Past Director of Suchard, General Manager at the Union Laitière Normande, then of Générale Ultra Frais and France Champignon. He was CEO of Marks &Spencer France. Today he is a senior adviser of a lawyers firm, Orrick Rambaud Martel, in Paris.

From 2002 to 2003 Alain Juillet was the Director of the Intelligence branch of the French counterintelligence service DGSE. He was then nominated chief of the Business Intelligence Committee in France directly reporting to the Prime minister until 2009. That same year, he was promoted to the grade of Commandeur in the Légion d’Honneur Order.


Hervé PIERRE – Vice-president

Retired Commissaire Divisionnaire, Hervé Pierre graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Police (French National academy for senior ranking police officers), Institut National des Hautes Etudes de la Sécurité et de la Justice (INHESJ is a national academy blending senior actors in the security field, including magistrates) and he attended the FBI National Academy in the U.S.

He participated in the launching and assessment of community policing experiences in 1999 and later joined the private sector as Chief Security Officer of several corporate businesses. He became then executive V.P of the CDSE (Corporate Security Officers Club) that he helped create with Alain Juillet. He is involved in the study of what he coined “criminal economy”, the underground economy sapping public order in the suburbs to which he devoted a blog “le blog de l’économie criminelle”.

Hervé Pierre is now doing academic research on the links between security and liberty. He wrote several books published by l’Harmattan and lately a vivid report on the suburbs “Petits Trafics et grandes derives” at First Editions.


Dominique LAPPRAND – General Director

Past senior officer in the Gendarmerie, both hands on and at the headquarters, Dominique Lapprand graduated from the military academy of Saint Cyr and from the FBI academy in the U.S. He also attended the INHESJ. He was head of the prospective unit of the Gendarmerie and was detached a time at the ministry of Justice, in the criminal division; later and for four years, at the EU Commission as an expert on Justice and internal affairs. He partook in many projects led by the EU at that time. Lately, he has been toiling in Africa, preparing police and security reforms. In conjunction with private groups he developed security and intelligence systems and initiated a collaboration with the private sector on Illicit Trade.

Dominique Lapprand taught at the Ecole de guerre (War academy) and at Sciences Politiques in Paris. He is currently working on the Erasmus-KA project to set up a master’s degree on security for senior employees of both public and private sectors.

Alain JUILLET, I.T.T.A President

Hervé PIERRE, I.T.T.A Vice-President

Dominique LAPPRAND, General Director


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I.T.T.A is gathering here main documents relating to Illicit Trade. Some are published by international organisations. Others are academic works that the reader the reader is invited to get by him/herself, accordingly with copyrights. READ MORE