The enforcement of Illicit Trade meets numerous hurdles, especially in France where it is not yet recognized  as a judicial issue per se. It still depends on a hodge-podge of preventive texts, enforced by a wide spectrum of diverse public agencies. It does not help making it a  priority for the state, like terrorism, drugs or even harassment, even though its social and economical consequences are just as dire, if not worse.

Given that, enterprises often feel alone and disoriented to tackle it. However they can take action on their own by setting up documented files on their case before meeting enforcing agencies. Help yourself and Heaven will help you! What matters is to provide the right information to the right service or agency with a statement of the goals one wishes to attain.

ITTA/ALCCI, as evidenced by the meeting it held in Paris on April 12th with companies,  French and world customs, gendarmerie and Interpol, can fruitfully advise its members and ensure the necessary link between public and private sectors. It is why it was founded: ensure a better tackling of Illicit Trade.